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I spent some time at the lake this past weekend. Some of this time was spent helping my dad clean out my grandpa's garage/workshop. The breadth of my grandfather�s knowledge always amazed me and the workshop confirmed this amazement. Everything from gardening to electronics repair to carpentry and woodworking to mechanical know-how was represented in the form of tools, books, parts and inventions. The contents of the garage made me ponder the following: With the current emphasis on specialization in education and work are men like my grandfather (i.e. a jack of all trades) a thing of the past? Is there a place for a type of �renaissance man� in today�s world?

The workshop clean up was followed by a trip to the local dump. I wish I had brought along my camera; it was a sorry sight. Everyone should be forced to bring their own garbage to the dump on a regular basis. I try to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as the next guy but this landfill made me feel guilty and sad. There should really be next to no garbage produced by a society as technologically advanced as ours. Organic waste can be composted. Packaging can be drastically reduced by the manufactures and recycled by the end user. Consumer products can be explicitly designed for reuse and recycling. New material taxes could be imposed on manufactures and used-material tax exemption could be applied. Garbage could be a thing of the past!

Speaking of garbage... check out the photographs of Edward Burtynsky. (Via sublimate)

What does music look like? The interactive java applet, The Shape of Song is an attempt to answer this seemingly paradoxical question. 37 exposures has a collection of binaural soundscapes recorded with multiple mics placed at ear level. Listen with headphones on and enjoy. Design 70 has a great collection of retro and funky furniture/objects. (The preceding links were amassed via Things Magazine)

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Do Make Say Think play the pyramid this Saturday.



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