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A self-imposed project freeze is required. It's so easy to start new projects and so hard to finish the old ones once I pass from the inspiration stage to the perspiration stage.

The open dialogue on Canadian foreign policy closed on May 1, 2003. The foreign affairs Minister's report will appear on this site once it is released. Until then, check out the available netcasts on Canadian Security, Prosperity, Values and Culture.

I realized today that I have a serious case of pensive envy.

I learned of Louis Wane via Sublimate and I have become mildly obsessed with his schizophrenia induced paintings/drawings. (Large images of two of my favorites: one - two)

Collaboration can be so amazing:

  • Against the Reality - Many wonderful photoshop creations. Download the template and submit your own.
  • Escalate - Digital photography, new media design and the visual culture.
  • Isolation Remix - Designers and creatives are invited to remix any of the photographs provided on this site.

Other people's lives.



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