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So I've been sick.

Do you remember the first time you heard the Brainfreeze mix by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist? I was at a friend's office after hours for one of our regular music appreciation nights. Jeff played the Brainfreeze mix for us and I was floored. Dusty Grooves, Raw, Funky, Funny... Hop over to the Brainfreeze Phenomenon site to re-live all the magic. (I recommend a little pre-phenomenon visit to your favourite P2P: search term = shadow cut chemist brainfreeze. It can usually be found in two parts.)

I just started reading Cosmos by Carl Sagan and I'm already hooked. I strongly believe that more energy needs to be spent on teaching science and philosophy at the K-12 level. If I was feeling better I would get into a little rant here about ignorance, crime, prejudice, religion, poverty, education and the mass media. I'll leave this rant as an exercise for the reader.

I have added my Against The Reality submission and a new altered photograph to the images section. Check 'em.

The gf and I are now off to the art gallery.



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