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The West End Cultural Centre may be forced to close its doors on April 14th due to their inability to secure proper insurance.

The West End Cultural Centre (WECC) was established in 1987 when the founders and a team of committed volunteers set out to renovate an old church into a community arts facility. The beautiful 96 year old venue plays host to almost 200 musical, artistic and cultural events every year. The WECC also plays an important role in our inner city community. As a community arts centre, the volunteer run WECC is involved with day programs for core neighbourhood children, providing valuable work experience for people involved in community service programs, and providing resources for local artists.

The building's age and location are generally felt to be the reasons behind the WECC�s inability to purchase an insurance policy. The last thing our inner city needs is another empty historical building.

If you live in Winnipeg and care about our local music and art scene you should consider writting a letter to both Mayor Glen Murray and Councillor Harvey Smith asking them to assess how the City of Winnipeg can help out this institution in their time of need.



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