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I was listening to an old Buck 65 album this morning, (Game Tight), and the bass sample used on the first track, (Three Up Three Down), sounded very familiar. Five minutes ago I loaded up the same Buck album and set my winamp playlist to random. I nearly jumped off my chair when after playing Three Up Three Down winamp decided to play me Greyboy's track Instantly which uses the very same bass sample! Maybe this is only freaky to me... but things like this have been happening quite a bit lately. Especially with music. (Side note: Buck will be playing here at the Pyramid on Wednesday night. Dj Co-Op will be opening. Dope.)

Speaking of music, I placed the lyrics to (Guilty) Invocations on the words page.

The Tofte Project is a beautifully designed webpage which details the planning, construction and design philosophy of a truly eco-friendly house. The house is really quite amazing! The guy who designed the sound for the Tofte page has his own page. I really like the idea of the page's user selectable audio themes.

The idea think-tank, Z+ Partners, has a great blog detailing the future of design, branding, innovation, sustainability and other emerging issues. It isn't updated too often but the information provided is top notch.

I find that I am becoming more and more interested in philosophy. I just finished the wonderfully complex and compelling, Sophie's World, which, (by it's own admission), raises more questions that answers. I found a little page today with links to various radio programs and lectures dealing with philosophy. I love knowing that I know nothing.

It's TV turnoff week! Yes... I know, I know.



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