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Have I mentioned that I love Photoshop? Well I do. The more I play around with photography, the more I realize that playing with light is very similar to playing with sound. Adjusting photographs in Photoshop with Levels and Curves is analogous to applying multi-band compressing and EQing to a sound in Cubase. I guess it comes down to the manipulation of energy in two similar but separate frequency bands.

They say that the best way to learn is to do. With this in mind and a desire to acquire some fodder for more photoshop practice I headed out last Tuesday with my skateboard and my digital camera. The results can be seen in the images section, (Three Is A Charm).

I urge anyone interested in photography to check out the articles and tutorials at the Luminous Landscape. A good place to start might be the series on Aesthetics and Photography, (how to see photographically). All you Photoshoppers should also check out the tutorials at GFX^TM. The 304 Photoshop 6 tips page is especially useful.

Considering using the Internet as a distribution and revenue platform for your art? Read localroger's experience with his Kuro5hin published novel, The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect.

This little world politics play, (also via Kuro5hin), lead me to an interesting World News Atlas.

So many fine photographers out there.



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