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"I cannot decide." The phrase echoed in my mind as I took the long walk towards the end of the book-lined hallway. My hands were shaking and sweat was beginning to bead on my forehead. I wanted to run. I wanted to find the others and tell them the truth. I wanted to tell them that what we were trying to accomplish was futile. Paranoid thoughts raced through my mind fuelled by my self-doubt and my resistance to believe. How could I have known? Faith is not a skill or ability. It cannot be learnt. I drew a slow and deliberate breath through my nose, held it in, and then exhaled through parched lips. I was stalling. I slowed my pace as I approached the door. They say all roads lead to Rome; My Rome lay on the other side of this solid oak door. Like so many doors before it, I knew it would not be locked. Was I ready? Was I prepared to see where all my roads... all of our roads had lead us?


There's so much talent out there:

  • Preshaa - Pressure? A lovely collection of sketches and digital images.
  • Pod Collective - Positive feedback from a group of like minded individuals can be an amazing thing.
  • Song Fight - A weekly battle of the bands... Internet style. (If you aren't part of a band you can always make one here.)
  • They Rule - A website that allows you to create maps of the interlocking directories of the top 100 companies in the US in 2001.

New Winnipeg is looking for reporters.

LSD is now 60 years old.



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