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When the cable company turned off my cable TV service they left me with CNN. Portions of last night�s war coverage felt eerily similar to a reality TV show or to the manic coverage of an exciting hockey game. While showing off their latest live coverage gadgets some the reporters could not contain their excitement. I�m not sure if CNN actually has a reporter on board a US tank in the front lines or just a video camera, but either way, the reporters have taken to using �we� to describe the army/media hybrid they have create. �As you can see, we are increasing our speeds now and we should arrive at the outskirts of Baghdad sometime tomorrow.�

On Wednesday, The New York Post encouraged readers to boycott movies starring "appeasement-loving celebs." A Fox News anchor, recently said people who continued to protest against the war once it begins would be "un-American." (More info here.)

And to top it all off, America's largest radio conglomerate Clear Channel, has been holding pro-war rallies.

How�s that for unbiased news coverage.

Here are some very graphic images from the last Gulf War.

In other news� Metafilter lead me to an online version of Henry David Thoreau�s �Walden�. �Thoreau wanted to get the most from his life by determining what was really important, and he did that by removing himself somewhat from the normal life of Concord, Massachusetts in the 1840's.� �Walden� is an account of his life in the woods as well as a philosophical, physiological and economic view of life, society and human nature.

Sticking with books for a second, Bookfilter opened it�s virtual doors earlier this week. The discussions have already begun and the user-base is growing.

And now a few quick links:

I know I mentioned the Where's Raed blog in my last entry but if you are interested in a different view on this war you should really check it out. (The March 13th and 16th entries are noteworthy.)



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