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Does a direct link exist between fear and consumption? (Never mind... just buy this.)

Would you like freedom with that?

Have you lost your inner child? Bill Beaty provides us with some instructions to help us locate the child within us.

Speaking of children... Paul Graham has written a very interesting article on nerds and the present state of the American school system.

Magnetic Poetry can spark creative fun.

Finance Minister John Manley and Prime Minister Jean Chr´┐Żtien have released the 2003 Federal budget. More money for health care, war, defence, the homeless... Read about it here.

It seems fairly obvious that our language influences the way we think, act and reason. The next logical question becomes, do fundamental flaws exist in our language? Flaws which make our language inadequate for solving the complex problems of today's world? ". E. W. Kellogg III and D. David Bourland, Jr. think so. They wrote a very interesting introduction to E-Prime, an English language derivative that eliminates use of the verb "to be" in any form (such as "am", "is", "was", "are", "were", "be", and "been"). They explain that "to be" causes us to believe hidden assumptions and to view the world through overly simplistic terms such as "true-or false", "black-or-white", "all-or-none", "right-or-wrong".

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that you can view the photographs I took at the February 15th (Winnipeg) March For Peace in the misc. section of the images page. Approximatly 6000 Winnipeggers braved the -30 degree (Celcius) weather in support of peace. War presents us with an overly simplistic answer to a very difficult problem. Imagine if the same amount of effort we waste on war went into peace and understanding. Instead, Bush ponders building more nukes. (What double standard???)



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