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I was in a car accident this morning. Don't worry... no one was hurt. I hit a patch of ice and slid into another car while travelling at less than 5km/h. There was no damage to my car but I managed to crack the plastic bumper of the other vehicle.

Ever wonder which 100 records you should remove from your music collection???

After you throw out those records you should surf over to Audioscrobbler and setup a music recommendation account. (They monitor the music you listen to through Winamp and make music suggestions based on your listening tastes and those of the other members.)

I received an email today from Fat Power suggesting I check out their site. Check it out yo! There some nice pictures of street art as well as an interesting, "Are these your shoes?" section. The Fat Power links page also lead me there two fine Stickering pages: Stick It & Wooster Collective

US hypocrisy???



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