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Mash-ups, bastard pop, bootlegs, cut-ups, etc. The art of taking two or more (usually pop) songs and mashing them together to make something new and exciting. Sure, DJs have been doing it for years now on the ones and twos, but today's digital audio tools have helped bring this art to the masses. The only problem is that most of the mash-ups being created by "the masses" are really bad. Oh well... There are still some quality bastard pop songs being created today:

This is the site that got me thinking about mash-ups again:

"It's been almost three years in the making, it took one record company employee more than six months of hard labour, 865 e-mails, 160 faxes and hundreds of phone calls to contact over 45 major and independent record-companies. A total amount of 187 different tracks were involved from which 114 got approved, 62 refused and 11 were un-trackable. It caused massive headaches and sweaty palms to employees of 'clearance centres' and record companies all over the world. But it's finally here. it's about 62 minutes long and there's 45 (or is that 46?) tracks on it. it took seven long days and nights to cut, edit, mix and re-edit it all together and it fucking rocks!"



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