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We bought our NYE tickets for A One Night Stand this past weekend and they came with 2 free CDs. The first CD being the new Paul Oakenfold disc Bunkka. I wasn't expecting much from this disc so after I enjoyed the first track I was hoping I would like the rest. Not a chance. Paul's production style is all gloss and little substance. The hip-hopish track featuring Ice Cube is laughable and the track with the lead singer of Crazy Town is just plain bad. Both vocalist move their mouths a lot... but neither actually say anything. (What's with the lack of meaniful lyrics in pop music?)

I was much happier with the second disc, Warner Canada's introduction to Buck 65. If y'all have been living under a rock for the past while, Warner Canada signed Buck 65 to their label and re-leased most of his back catelog... (If you don't know who Buck is check this.) The disc is a sampling of Buck's back catalog along with a track from his new release, Square. Having seen Buck live so many times I find that I always enjoy his music in person so much more. His shows are always very intimate and moving. That being said, the disc is a great intro package for 65 newbies and a nice mini 'best of' for long time fans.



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