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We went to Lost In Bass this past Saturday. I had forgotten how much I loved parties. The dancing. The smiling faces. The atmosphere. The music at body shaking volumes. The party was at the German Club and we worked the door for a bit. Searching bags, taking tickets, frisking party people. There were some power problems... some LC problems... some police problems... and some people caught having sex. Lots of new faces, (familiar ones too). Tons of fun... plus very few sketched out people, (I didn't get asked "Whatcha'on?" once). There are pictures of the party here. (You may need a hotmail/passport account to view them.)

Here's a little mix from local DJ Joey P. I'm a sucker for hard trance... although I rarely listen to it. It's not really listening music. Dancing to it at body shaking volumes... that's another story.

What is art? My friends and I came up with a definition once: Art is the pure expression of self. We were all pretty excited about it at the time.

I know where Bruce Lee Lives!



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