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I just cleaned our my wallet. I found 18 concert stubs in there.... no wonder it was getting so fat. Looking at old concert stubs is a wonderful walk down a musical memory lane. However, I am stumped by one of the stubs. I cannot, for the life of me, remember seeing the Weakerthans @ Le Rendez-Vous on May 3rd, 2001. The opening act was Lower Than The Low and the show was presented by WECC. This is really starting to bother me. Arg.

The 18th of October is Media Democracy day. "Media Democracy prioritizes diversity over monotony, citizen control over corporate choice, cultural development over company profit, and public discourse over public relations."

In the same vein: Project Censored... A look at undercovered news.

The history of breakdancing. (AKA: B-Boying or B-Girling. The media made up the term breakdancing.)



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