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Last night was amazing. Surprise b-day party @ Earls followed by pure inspiration in the form of beats and rhymes.
Thanks to all my guest directors and all the wonderful people who made cameos.

The highlight of the night was War Party. Check out their video for Feeling Reserved.

Freestyles were flowing faster than honey after a 30 second trip in the microwave.
The vibe was closer to the heart than a triple blade close shave.
A room full of best friends that just haven't met yet.
Time card stamped with more flight hours than the jet set.
An exercise to the reader is presented in these words.
We can learn to grow together like the total of three thirds.
Inspiration comes from movement (boredom comes from standing still).
I'll start my own multinational with the goal of branding chill.
Live a life of short vignettes with a million guest directors,
who will help you stay on path like civilian quest protectors.
An attempt to learn from others and our own homemade mistakes.
The past is often too rich and yet protected like chrome sprayed Swiss cakes.

Ok. I've got to stop now or I'll be here all day.




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