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I joined Wanderlust last night. It's a neato service that will hopefully bring some more traffic to this page. I'd better start adding more content! I also have to start archiving old posts... this page is getting pretty long.

There is a hip-hop legend at the Pyramid tonight. Guru, formerly of Gang Starr and the man behind the Jazzmatazz CD comps, will be there tonight with Krumbsnatcha and Bless. It's nice to see that the Urban Grooves Festival is finally booking acts outside of the Ninja Tunes family. Don't get me wrong... I love Ninja Tunes! But diversity is nice too. So if you do check out Guru, let me know how it was.

Speaking of the Urban Grooves Festival, I heard that James Brown was really good, but that he didn't really get into it until the last two songs. Who can blame him though? That man must be 150 years old in crazy musician years, (that's 69 years old for all you square folk. haha).

Also as part of the Groove fest on Saturday is One Ton with Locals Pope's Hill at the Pyramid. Funky Funky... I am a funk junkie! Check out the latest One Ton video Supersexworld. This show should be awesome. I've heard many good things about One Ton and many Morcheeba comparisons. Pope's Hill comes highly recommended too.

De La Soul is coming to Winnipeg on the 16th of October! What the shit is happening to this town? I love it.

Oh... and finally I found something to do on my birthday. Friday, September 27th @ the West End: Build, The Official Prairie Music Week hip-hop night. Featuring: Frek Sho, War Party, Soso, Epic, Gumshow Strut, YBIMB, Crossanova, Co-Op, Chaps, Hunnicut and Krackajack. Hosted by mcenroe. So come one... come all... and buy me a beer!



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