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Greasemonkey'd Music Search

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Let’s use GreaseMonkey to add direct download capabilities to the RadioBlogClub search results.

Now when you search for music on RadioBlogClub you’ll see a [d] link beside each of the search results. You can right-click this link to save any song, (change the file extension to .mp3 when you do so.)

GreaseMonkey’s client-side injection masks our true intentions, unlike an easily blocked server-side approach.

RadioBlogClub mp3s are encoded @ 64kbps/22050Hz.

I don’t see this script working for long.

Some recommended searches:

  • bouga belsunce breakdown
  • the books an animated description
  • most serene republic proposition
  • of montreal oslo
  • le vie de reve 3eme oeil
  • rj2d

Update (15 Jan 14:30):

As predicted, Radio.Blog.Club has switched up their search results. The script will no longer work. A new script is in the works.

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