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Our Amsterdam experience wouldn’t have been complete if one of our bikes hadn’t been stolen. Based on the state of the lock, I believe bolt-cutters were used during last night’s liberation. The bike will be missed. The cycle continues.

Enough with the sad news. Yesterday, Shannon and I celebrated the one year anniversary of our marriage. We are soon approaching the one year anniversary of our departure from Canada, which also happens to be my birthday. Good times.

Last Saturday, Andrew and I took our bikes on a ferry across the river Ij. We then began our search of “the island” for the 80 meter long party boat, the Stubnitz.

Machine translated from German:

The motor ships Stubnitz, a non-profit registered association, is operator former cooling cargo boat of the GDR high sea-fishing fleet. Since 1992 became the ship a mobile platform for music, cultural production, documentation and communication transformed. Three former loading spaces are used regularly as meeting areas for live-musik, exhibitions, performances and installations. Artists and coworkers can be accommodated and boarded on board. The drivingready ship is used for projects in European ports, in order to investigate and present innovative culture. The meetings can be documented and archived with own technology systematically. Onboard jobs and studios for audio, video, photo and diagram Design make a preparing possible of the multimedia information and their publication in the Internet.

The inside of the boat had been gutted and converted into a giant club with three bars and three separate dance floors. The party was called Rock Da Boat, and the music ranged from crunchy ska, surf-guitar, and dance hits from the 40s-70s, to hip-hop and techno. Be sure to view the QuickTime VR and Flash presentations found in the info/press section of the Stubnitz page.

After the party we found a bunny living at the end of the pier with her three babies. Using my mad bunny skillz I tamed the mother, and we hung out with the four rabbits. Cute.

Update: I almost forgot, we are going to see Jurassic 5 tonight. Woot.

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