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Blogging as constrained writing. When else do I write?

- Emails
- Shopping Lists
- The Odd Poem

A roundup of constrained writing on the web. Constrained Thinking: From Network to Membrane.

"This thesis discusses the importance of the book as image, object, and text. [With] specific examples as they pertain to the publishing of books in general and to Daniel Richler's Kicking Tomorrow (1991-3) in particular" - Image, Object, Text

The translation of Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone into Ancient Greek.

Write Perl programs in Latin.

How to Read a Philosophy Paper (including this one.)

Chomsky for Philosophers.

The Philosopher's Game
- A description of the fascinating game, Rythmomachy.

Flatland - A romance of many dimensions - By Edwin A. Abbott 1838-1926.

Prophetable colors - A look at the Color Marketing Group. "The CMG is a trade organization, with 1,500 members drawn from a bunch of different industries. Twice a year they get together in Alexandria, VA, to come up with long-term and short-term color predictions."

"A thousand goals have there been so far, for there have been a thousand peoples. Only the yoke for the thousand necks is still lacking: the one goal is lacking. Humanity still has no goal" - Nietzsche and the Body of Knowledge - The philosophy of archaeology.

J(erome) D(avid) Salinger - Uncollected Writings.

The works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Narratech - Storytelling in the digital age - Theory Links.

Informal Music Analysis: A Critique of Formalism, Semiology, and Narratology As Discourses on Music.

Syntactic Theory of Visual Communication, Part One. ("There can be no words without images." -Aristotle)

Dirk Gently's I-Ching Calculator.

For the math nerds: Autologlyphs.

40 remixes of original Nintendo soundtrack material.

The evolution of western thinking about nature. Our quest to distance ourselves from the earth.

Subway systems of the world, presented on the same scale.

The robots are coming. The robots are coming.

Self-reference : "This entry is about self-reference, so (inevitably), it refers to itself." - From the BBC's guide to life, the universe and everything: h2g2.

Also found at h2g2:
- English Strong and Weak Verbs
- The Development of Our Alphabet

How's that for constraint? ;)



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