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Whereas the last post dealt with books, this post will highlight what is keeping my mind busy online.

Natalie Chicha's new blog, Another, provides "an online space for [her] thoughts on depression and literature." Two interesting posts:

The editorial board of Cognitive Science has made available 10 classics from their archives.

Unheard-of Curiosities is a collection of writings by Umberto Eco. A Rose by Any Other Name, deals with the problems of literary translation.

Thirty-eight dishonest tricks which are commonly used in argument, with the methods of overcoming them. A look at straight and crooked thinking by Robert H. Thouless.

A musical ebook series: Form, Counterpoint, Harmony and Artistic Orchestration.

Some chapters from the 2002 revision of The Social Life of Information are available online.

Paul Graham's essays touch on everything from hackers and painters to personal taste.

Finally, the coolest way to fold a t-shirt, ever. [Quicktime]



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