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This weeks audio experiment was an exercise in Mixing, Mastering and EQing. The track was built around a bassline played by my friend Cam during a jamming session. The tracks tentative title was Slam It. In the end, I couldn't get Cam's bassline to sonically fit with the rest of the track; the bassline was replace.

Download Cam Slam Track.


The free boardgames over at HipBone are wonderful. Explore!

From the hipbone website: "Your own mind is what you bring to the HipBone Games: your thoughts are the "pieces", the "cards" you play with. Whatever you know, think, or can guess or remember, whatever you can jot down, thumbnail sketch, whistle or quote is what you bring to the game, what you play the game with. We just supply the rules and the board.

The result is that a HipBone Game is like a conversation: it finds its own level.

And whether you are book-learned, experience-rich or streetwise, a visual person or someone with a knack for mathematics, funny or deadpan or serious, a lawyer or an artist, a geek or a jock or whatever, intuitive, spontaneous, considered or cautious, prone to telling tall tales, or precise as only a scholar can be -- it doesn't matter. The game will take on the form of your own mind, interacting with the minds of those you play with."

The HipBone games are based on the concept of the Glass Bead Game described by Hermann Hesse in his Nobel-winning novel, Magister Ludi. I discovered the game site by chance as my dad recently gave me a copy of Magister Ludi. (Related: 1 - Read Hermann Hesse novel Siddhartha online. 2 - The HipBone Blog.)


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