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My gf has started bringing me to the gym. I've also just begun a yoga class with my mom and sister. My body feels sore and relaxed. It's the good kind of sore. My DJ follows me everywhere. Lately, I've been thinking about reading the bible. Today I stumbled across the bible for the IRC generation.

Julian Jaynes had an interesting take on the evolution of consciousness. His book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, caused a stir in both science and pop culture.

"His basic thesis is that 'consciousness' is a modern development, arising in the last 3000 or so years. I can probably only give a gross caricature of his idea, but it suggests that the age preceding consciousness, the bicameral era, included the world portrayed in Homer's Iliad and the beginning of the Old Testament. In that age, one half of the brain (left) organised the ordinary business of doing things, eating, seeing, and ordinary sort of stuff, while the other (right) half did more, long-term sorting out of strategy. The brain's owner more or less trugged along on autopilot under the direct control of the left side until a totally new or unexpected situation, (in which we would use conscious thought) occurred. At this point, if the right half had any good ideas, it communicated them to the left, in a linguistic way. In other words, of course, the autopilot heard voices, giving instructions on what to do next." - Text from the last link.

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I just adore clouds. I'll bet you that Cary Grant did too.



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