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The work of Josh Nimoy is hard to define. Technological art? An online collection of Josh's experiments can be found at The word juxtaposition comes to mind. (I like the sound of that word, although I think this may be the first time I've actually used it.) Some experiments I enjoyed:

  • Davenport Sans A Robotic Typeface

  • Tiny Guerrilla Video Game Installation (MiniPong)

  • Ambient Telepresence Windchimes

  • Processing, a new freely distributed Flash/Director alternative. Java based. Serial port output supported.


    Some random fun:

  • 221B Baker Street - A top-down illustrated view.

  • New Years eve 2003, Time Square - You'll need Quicktime to view this, but it's worth it.

  • DJ I Robot - A robotic scratch DJ.

  • A five day look at dreaming.

  • I Understand Philip K. Dick by Terence Mckenna

  • Net Diver - A new media culture_magazine + design portal. Explore.

  • 52 pick up, the New-Yorker-harmless-amusing-eccentric way.

  • Merzhase - I love the design of this blog. The content is nice too.


    Ask MetaFilter is a discussion area for sharing knowledge among members of MetaFilter. Collective intelligence. Some interesting questions:

  • Quality music webzines.

  • Looking for a better way to store my vinyl records.

  • Home recording studio questions.

  • French language blog recommendations. Time to tune my french language skills.



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