Stung Eye
Stung Eye

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Would somebody think of the animals?

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Shouts out to the google surfer who ended up at this site 3 times after searching for the following:

how do you treat a dog that has been stung in the eye

Hope the dog is ok. On a related note we've had one visitor via google searching for: masturbation workshop israel

Non-cellular life created?

Grid Shock - "You go from the box garage in the house to the box car, driving down the street, not touching anything or being part of your environment"

Follow this story. Soak in these images.

Zen and the art of... watching TV?!?

For all you Winnipeg music lovers here's a quick overview of some exciting upcoming shows:

September 25 - Zen Lounge, Winnipeg
Pharcyde with Rahzel and DJ JS1

September 26 - Pyramid
DJ CO-Op and Hunnicut 70's Blast
Right in time for my b-day. Nice one.

October 4 - Pyramid
Panic 2003 Old School
Miss the underground warehouse parties of the early 90s? Check this event.

October 4 - U of M MPR
The Weakerthans
Man. Why does this have to be on the same night as Panic?

October 14 - Pyramid
Kid Koala Presents: Short Attention Span Theater with very special guests:
DJ P-LOVE, DJ JESTER AND LEDERHOSEN LUCIL, Also animated shorts by Monkmus

October 20 - Pyramid
Ninja tunes presents The Art of Listening Tour

October 23 - Pyramid
Moses Mayes and Blue Quarter
Talk about a power house of funk!



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