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I rode my bicycle home in the rain today. Sometimes all it takes is a simple summer storm to make you feel truly alive.

Dark clouds began to fill the sky just before I left the office. One can draw many parallels between my decision to risk the grey-sky-ride-home and the countless other decisions I make on a day-to-day basis.

Once I made my decision to begin the trek home there was no turning back. This idea was solidified when the downpour began.

When you make a decision in life, stick to it. Obstacles and rough patches are no excuse to back down.

Thoroughly soaked to the bone I accepted my soggy state and soaked in the experience. I�m wet now. I�ll be dry later.

Always know that you�ll make it through the rough patches. Don�t deny yourself the ability to learn from the tough parts by acting hard or negative.

My walkman headphones died when the rain hit. That was pretty lame.

Understand that choices you make can led to certain sacrifices. These sacrifices are often avoidable but sometimes they are the only way to move on.

I received many looks of pity from the drivers of the cars I passed. These looks were counter-balanced by the other bikers I met on my journey home. A shared smile between two bikers in a rainstorm is a very motivational and truly honest moment.

I've shared similar secret smiles with breakdancers on crowded dance floors and with friends when we both realize how amazing life can be when we have our shit sorted out.

Once I accepted all the positive aspects of the ride home it became so much easier to accept the negative parts.

The end goal of any decision shouldn't just be the successful completion of a task. The experience gained and the happiness derived from carrying out the task should always figure into the equation.

Maybe next time I see the sky swell with ominous black clouds I�ll take the ride home I was offered. (Or maybe not�)

Know that you can�t possibly make all the "right" decisions and use the knowledge from failed paths to help you better handle future choices. The only bad decision is the one you don�t learn from or the one that you don�t make at all.

If you watch the stungeye cam over the next week you should be able to follow the growth of the grass I planted today. In two weeks time the bunnies are in for a treat.



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