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I left the house just after 7 o'clock knowing full well that I didn't have to be at precursor until 8:30. I brought my camera with me and biked down to a park I used to frequent when I was young. The park is by the Red River behind the Banana boat ice-cream parlour. I found a small path that lead me away from the manicured park grass down to the edge of the river. Sitting on the banks of the Red, soaking in the view, I spent some time thinking about how easy it is to distance yourself from the positive nature and beauty of familiar surroundings. When was the last time I enjoyed a view like this while in my own City? Do I have a tainted view of my own backyard, built on familiarity? I thought about my upcoming trip to Vancouver and the feelings of giddy anticipation leading up to the exploration of a new cityscape and countryside. That's when I made the decision to continue my evening adventure with the eyes of a traveler.

With my new found rose coloured travel glasses in place, I stood up and readied myself for the steep bike ride back to the park. Before I could even mount my bicycle, I found myself frozen in place, held captive by the site of the foliage around me. The river bank was alive with a diverse collection of unfamiliar plants. These were not your average suburban trees or bushes; I didn't recognize any of this vegetation.

And so began last Thursday's evening adventure. I had originally planned on recounting my exploration of St. Boniface (the francophone quarter of town) and my visit to Precursor Productions. Instead I will simple ask you to find your own adventure, in your own town, with your own rose coloured travel glasses. The details of my adventure set in words will pale in comparison to what you can discover yourself. I also recommend that if you live in Winnipeg and are interested in the production of electronic music you should contact the guys at Precursor Productions and take a tour of their wonderful studio. Precursor is Canada�s only school of digital music and multimedia sound design. I took their 'Introduction to Electronic Dance Music Production' course just over a year ago. I highly recommend it.

This past weekend's project was the construction of a DJ booth / record shelving unit. Four solid hours on Saturday morning produced this little gem. It could use a nice coat of paint but I'm pretty happy with the results. Roughly based off the Sefour X30 which cost somewhere in the range of 800 dollars, the total cost for my design was just over 70 bucks. I'll flesh out the design documents and post them here in a few weeks time.

That said, I won't be updating this page until mid August due to my soon to be realized vacation in Vancouver.

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