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Thought without action amounts to little more than mental masturbation. We're slowly becoming a society raised on passive entertainment, afraid to even explore life's challenges, when these challenges and overcoming them are what will lead to happiness. No wonder so many people are on antidepressants, which in my experience, amounts to little more than a sedative that allows you to be happy with how little you've actually accomplished. How sad.

Happiness takes work, apathy is easy. People are growing ever more lazy, accepting of the way things are. The worst example of these people are those that continually spout words and thoughts contrary to their apathetic actions. I'm guilty of this at certain times myself, however I'm continually trying to surround myself with people who will inspire me to action, eventually leaving behind those impotent oracles who feel that verbalization, in enough volume, will somehow miraculously translate into action.

For those that know me personally I'll assume that these feelings of mine are well known, as I've tread this ground several times in the past and you're probably sick of hearing my tounge and lungs express it to you. For those anonymous readers, if you end up on stungeye I'm sure you're probably interested in contributing something to the world yourself, so these ideas definitely won't be new and you might ask why I even bother to mention something that is so obvious. This website is our (mostly Wally's, to tell the truth) way of putting something new (or at least interesting) out into the world, the goal of which is to inspire you to make something even better and hopefully let us know about it. It's all about positive feedback.

If all you do is ingest the content and it doesn't give you the drive to create something yourself then we've both a good friend of mine says "The only way we can both lose is if you don't try."


So I'm considering starting a new company. For $20,000 I'll take you out into the Nevada desert, give you REAL guns and you can hunt these pathetic fools. Have you ever seen a group of men more afraid of women?

How long can shells continue to kill?



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