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just wonderin... Canada, and I believe most of the western world, is in a bit of a strange situation. Canada's economy requires that our population continues to grow. Birth rate alone isn't enough to increase our population, so immigration is required to keep the numbers from falling. We need to continually increase consumption for things to work properly, for the economy to 'grow.'

knowing that, would it not be in the best interest of Canada's foreign policy makers to ensure that countries where people are emmigrating from remained in such a state that the population was continually trying to leave?

In other words, no matter how much we say we will help another country we have to make sure that the population remains envious of what we have and what they could have, if they were to immigrate here.

According to the way our economy works, we can't have what we currently have, without other people having much, much less...

in the end, is consumption the way to go?



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