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In the same vein as exploding dog, there is a new beautifully rendered 3D picture posted on Boring 3D everyday. Check out the boring archive too. The minute I saw these images I wanted to learn how to create my own. It turns out that they are created using a program called 3D Studio Max which looks dauntingly complex and powerful. I really think it would be best to explore 3D design sometime in the far future. I have a feeling that it might consume me and I cannot have that. It's almost summer time and I need to get away from this computer.

For a somewhat depressing insider look at the "big studio" music industry check out Mixerman's journal. I now understand why most (all?) major label music sounds the same.

There are lots of evil companies out there. Here are the 10 worst from 2002.

Surreal Superheros. (flash)

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