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Do you know what amazes me? Nature. I present the following fractal-like images of plants from the cabbage family as evidence of this amazement: Broccoli, Rumanescu cabbage, Broccoflower (close up).

I read about the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players in Vice Magazine a few months ago. They are a father and a mother in their thirties, and a daughter, about eight. They "take people's vintage slides that [they] purchase at estate and yard sales and turn them into pop rock exposes. A concept, that if applied correctly, will change the future of entertainment." The eight year old is the drummer. How cool is that!?!

Stencil Revolution has a great new tutorial up. Chalk + Stencils = Harmless fun.

Bloodwars is a pdf graffiti magazine. Check the new sticker issue.

Invisible Made Visible. (Stickers and Stencils)

Are you an art prostitute?

Noah Grey is a gifted photographer.



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