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My girlfriend has totally opened my eyes to the world of cute. Not only is she hella cute, but she would absolutely love the artwork over at Small and Round. Being a Neopets addict she's also going to totally dig these games (Via Sublimate via Milk and Cookies).

For those of you living in Manitoba (Canada) you should really start preparing yourself for the provincial election on June 3rd. Not only is it your duty to vote but it is also important to make an informed decision.

"It is our goal that Running Man Interactive will serve as a catalyst supplying 'basic' observations from the source of ecological problem areas around the world. It's a mixture of travelogue, investigative journalism, video diary and educational program, combining elements of each, in a format open to on-line debate." Click over to Running Man, Interactive Tribal Journeys.

"Promote yourself, spread your art, get seen in new cities. Collect art from other artists." It's Sticker Switch. Coming soon to a wall near you.

Speckled paint is yesterday. The Solipsistic Gazette is tomorrow. What is today?

A deep ambient techno mix. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, so let me know how it is.

Why do some societies make disastrous decisions?

How about this decision: The 1994 US assault weapons ban expires next year and the Republican-controlled House has no plans to renew it. Uzis and AK-47s for everyone!

Stereotypography is nice.

I could totally chill with this guy and his friends.



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