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just sorta thinking things over here... and yeah, it centres around Iraq.

The claim is that Saddam is in possession of chemical and biological weapons, and because of this claim, all sorts of acts of violence and horror are being committed. Now if Saddam does have those weapons, I'll bet that he'd want to use them sometime soon. Just from a defensive perspective he's probably going to be grabbing for anythig he can to save his ass, but at the same time, he's not going to want to come out with these bombs and give the anti-warring nations a reason to start supporting this war. I'm also going to assume that if he does use them, he's going to want to take out as many allied invaders as he can, create a catasrophe, larger than the one currently at hand.

Now what if he doesn't have those weapons? Would it be safe to assume that if none are used, then he probably didn't have them? Put your self in that position, and I think you'd grab for whatever you can to defend yourself. So if Sadam does not unleash chemical or biological weapons, but in the end some are found, would that make any sense? Does it make more sense to think that those weapons were planted? I wouldn't think planting chemical weapons, or at the least, reports of chemical weapons, would be very hard to do for a war machine that convinced us in 1991 that Iraq is home to baby killers. To take this even further, would the allied forces kill thier own troops with chemical or biological weapons as a means of proving they were right? Think about it. The governments supplying troops have to make it look like
what they are doing is the right thing, or they'll lose the voter confidence, and no politician wants that... I don't doubt for a second that Bush, Blair and Howard have hard statistical numbers on what an acceptable amount of allied deaths are for this attack before their populations starts to sour towards the invasion.

As a parting note, the question is not whether or not you support the removal of Saddam, it's whether or not you support killing innocent people. It really is that black and white. Remember September 11th? What if that happened everyday for a week, and instead of 3 planes crashing it's thousands of bombs. That's what's happening.



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