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My grandfather�s funeral was on Tuesday. The morning left me feeling rather numb. I'm not exactly sure how one is supposed to feel after losing a loved one, but I do know that the afternoon helped a lot. We spent the afternoon at my parent's place with my grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was really nice to spend time with everyone and to share fond memories of grandpa. I have a wonderful family, (some of whom even read this site. Hi dad! Hi uncle Bruce!)

Last night Howie and I went for coffee at the Academy Coffee House and we were treated to an evening of high calibre music. What a treat it was. It sometimes amazes me how much empathy can be shared via music. Some of the instrumental acoustic guitar pieces reminded me of my favourite piece by Steve Reich so I've decided to make Electronic Counterpoint the song of the week. This track was sampled by The Orb for their amazing track 'Little fluffy clouds'.

A new Glutton radio mix was added to the sounds section.

CBC Radio 3 has a really great site for their electronic newletter. I recommend checking out the articles on deconstructing war, Mogwai and collage. The collage article lead me to the work of Paul Butler.

Not for the faint of heart.



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