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It has begun. I honestly don't know what to think... what to say. This self-imposed silence is the antithesis of the vibe that stole my words last Saturday at the Pyramid. There is such potential in simple human connections. Where is the understanding? Where is the empathy? Where is the love?

I've added the Iraq civilian body count meter to this front page. The meter "is a Human Security project to establish an independent and comprehensive public database of civilian deaths in Iraq resulting directly from military actions by the USA and its allies in 2003". Although I�m sure the accuracy of this counter can be disputed, I think it�s important to be reminded that no wars are free of civilian casualties. Also, even if Bush and his coalition are able to keep civilian casualties to a minimum, we still cannot discount the lives of the Iraqi soldiers. Boys and men caught in a power struggle between two dictators. It�s sometimes easy to forget that the �bad guys� are people just like you and me.

If you want a break from CNN you should surf over to the Where is Raed? blog. Direct from Baghdad.

In times like this... I've got soul doubt.

"I stick my head out of the window once again
This time I see a thousand faces all too clear
They wear the same expression, I've seen in my face
So many times, I know exactly how they feel
I know exactly how they feel
I know just what they think about
They've got soul doubt"

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