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The world says no to war. There will be peace marches around the world tomorrow as part of a global day of action to pre-empt President Bush's planned attack on Iraq.

If you live in Winnipeg you can find out more info on our local march, here.

I once had a daydream where we lived in a world where everyone greeted each other with the phrase, "Breaking down the barriers". The sentence was used just like 'Hello' except for the fact that you said it to everyone... not just to your friends and acquaintances. The purpose of this new greeting was to create a friendlier world by breaking down the initial verbal barrier that exists between most strangers. No more walking past fellow humans with your eyes fixed on the ground in front of you. A world full of best friends that just haven't met yet. Sounds a little too idealistic for you? Well I've discovered a guy named Scott who shares a common dream. He has spent the past 800+ days wearing a nametag in order to 'help enhance our society´┐Żs level of communication' in hopes of making the world a friendlier place.



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