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I was waiting downtown for my bus this morning and I was joined in the bus shelter by a guy who wanted to know the time. After I told him that it was half past seven, he asked me to freestyle for him. An odd request, but I was feeling silly this morning so I decided to give it a try.

My rhymes were slow and clumsy... I told him a story about a world where everything was so old that even a slight wind could make a building crumble. Wind was outlawed. Scientists slaved for years over crumbling machinery in order to develop a method to control Mother Nature's little brother wind. At this point I got excited because I realized that I could rhyme freestyle with been awhile, but I didn't how to work his into my story. I grew frustrated with my slow morning brain so I stopped and gave him his turn.

His story started off being about nothing... just a collection of standard freestyle time filler rhymes but as he grew more comfortable it got interesting. He told me of a girl who had a permanent tear frozen in the corner of her eye. She had been abused by her father when she was young and held that memory close to her line of sight at all times. She did not want to forget... Her dad sat at home... alone... thinking about the mistake he had made so many years ago that cost him his only daughter. She continued to walk through life making sure that the first thing everyone noticed about her was her tear. They were both stuck in the past but they had their reasons. Everybody does. At this point his story diverged into a small rant about legalizing marijuana. At first I didn't see the connection but it became clear to me with time. He spoke of a substance that allowed him to tap the inner creative centres of his mind... harvesting random thoughts and images... stringing them together with rhythm and rhyme... one line by one line... one thought at a time... The end result being a spoken daydream shared with a stranger in a downtown bus shack about a girl with a permanent tear. He asked me why the government didn't want him to share his dreams with me... My bus pulled up and I said goodbye.



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