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It was bound to happen... Someone made their way to this site while searching google for porn. The search was for: +pictures +"caught having sex". Stungeye appears somewhere on the second or third page of results. The November archives hold the key as to why this particular google search lead here.

Bill Clinton: "America should lead, not dominate"
George Bush: Yahoo person of the year (The runners up are just as pathetic)

Every 40 seconds someone dies as a result of a suicide. The World Health Organization estimates that suicide will be the worldwide leading cause of death by 2006, surpassing both cancer and heart disease. These statistics came as a total shock to me. The mainstream media spent countless hours this past year reporting on terrorism, snipers, cancer and murder... Where were the stories covering suicide and depression? Other than the reports on suicide bombers, this issue got next to no coverage. It's treated like the world's dirty little secret... and it shouldn't be. We can't sweep this one under the rug folks. The stats say that 90% of suicides are due to mental illness, but am I really supposed to believe that mental illness is on the rise? It's time we started to address the reasons why so many people are depressed and why so many feel that taking their own life is the only answer.

We live in a world where third world poverty and first world apathy are on the rise.



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