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I'm off to Brandon for the weekend. Here are some links for your weekend surfing needs:

Imagine being trained to kill. US special force soldiers are now trained to have a bulletproof mind.
The scariest quote from that article: ''It was amazing to see the carnage."

Am I alone in my opinion that the Eminem movie 8 Mile sucked? This article from the Village Voice takes the criticism of the movie, (or as far as main-stream reviews go... the lack of criticism), to the next level.

Some writing tips for all y'all!

I found some very inspirering art:

+ Exploding Dog - Sam draws pictures from the titles people send him. A must see!
+ Deeply Shallow - Check out Study 1-3.
+ Kingsey Visual - Graf. This ain't no silly tag'n.
+ Neomu - No words. No adverstising. Just Inspirational images, photographs and graphics.
+ Madreal - This graf/art reminds me of local artist Slo Mo.
+ Devoted Bee - With a name like that... how could these drawings, stories and comics be bad?



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