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Sunday's Amon Tobin show was really intense. The Pyramid was completely packed and Tobin spun a sampling of everything from breaks, to industrial drum and bass, to random chaotic IDM noise. The projections were a nice touch and almost made up for Tobin's lack of stage presence. I guess he was too busy playing with final scratch.

The Hip Hop Wieners tour touched down in Winnipeg last night at the U of W Bullman Centre. The show was short and sweet. All ages shows always seem to have a strange dynamic to them. The younger kids never really seem to let loose and have a good time... they tend to stand in front of the stage and blankly stare up at the performers. Actually, that happens quite often at +18 shows... blah.

The show last night ended up costing me close to 100 dollars. That includes one friendly tow truck ride for my car and a bonus parking ticket.



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