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I was going to write a rant on Sunday about the lack of soul in pop music. The reason for the rant was what I witnessed on Saturday night... One Ton. Two words: No Soul. I probably should have known something was up when I spotted the Hot 103 hummer parked in front of the Pyramid. Oh well. The two opening acts, Nacoya and Pope's Hill were amazing. Pope's Hill even did a cover of my favorite Beatles song, Tomorrow Never Knows!

I wasn't feeling too well yesterday. I'm not sure if it was the flu or if it was some sort of food poisoning. I found comfort in a can of tomatoe soup. When visiting my grandparents when we were younger, my sister and I would always request tomatoe soup and sandwiches for lunch. To this day, there is no lunch time food more comforting for me that a can of tomatoe soup and a nice tuna or ham sandwich. (Grandma style... with the crusts cut off.) Grandpa would tell me that I should eat my crust to put hair on my chest. Sometimes I did. I'm sorry to say that it worked.



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